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CAPHE is a multinational four-year research project whose aim is to investigate, perform and elaborate upon an enhanced model of interaction and somatic participation in hybrid environments that comprise both physical and virtual layers among artists and communities that come from traditional and virtual cultural backgrounds.

We are developing the concept of Extended Reality Participation by building integrated frameworks that use emerging technologies to mediate consensus and community in dialogues that are geared toward layering and investigating aesthetic experiences in these environments. 

The project’s physical mobilities are directed toward sharing knowledge and proficiency in the humanities, arts, technology, and education. We focus our research on communities, arts, and participation in contemporary, digital time, among the institutional and enterprise partners from the countries that are involved in the project, i.e., Poland, Portugal, Italy, Greece, the UK, and Kenya. 

Along with the workshops, trainings, field research and interviews that are realized in these mobilities, CAPHE partners cooperate in virtual spaces and online, To do this, we use Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Extended Reality technologies. The team engages and operates in experimental, hybrid environments to stimulate and research processes of social-artistic interaction. 


Art creation, reception, and art market


Media and Material Literacy


Traditional and virtual global villages



Call for Presentations

Conservatorio Giacomo Puccini La Spezia and the #CAPHE consortium have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the international conference: Enhancing Artistic Experience in Hybrid Environments


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