Opera Network


Florence, Italy



With more than two decades of experience in live performance, director Carla Zanin’s systematic approach to production and marketing has proved an innovative lifeline for operatic theatre in her native Italy. Her Opera Network initiative unites culture providers, performers, and assets to produce opera, concerts, chorales and other forms of musical theatre without an over-reliance of public funds. Outreach has won support from supranational agencies, with the network and its techniques deployed in site-specific works comprising a range of forms and styles on two continents. For CAPHE, the Opera Network is coordinating cross-cultural and technology-enabled performances that form a basis for experimentation at the convergence of artistic forms and performative traditions for the for the project’s scientific inquiry.


An internationally renowned tenor, he is an active recitalist with a repertoire spanning Art Song, Oratorio and Opera. Over his 30-year career, De Lisi has performed lead-tenor roles in Operas staged  throughout Italy and Europe, as well as in Brasil, the US, Mexico, Canada and Japan. For CAPHE, his familiarity with the title role in Monteverdì’s “L’Orfeo” highlighted a VR production combining traditions of Classical Opera and African storytelling. Since 1998, he has taught Art Song, Oratorio and Lied at the Firenze Conservatory in Florence, Italy.

A musician and researcher, he teaches System Dynamics at ESME, the French engineerings school, and the Fundamentals of Acoustics at Conservatory C. Monteverdi of Cremona, in his native Italy. His research into Blended Learning focuses on novel approaches to music pedagogy permitted by information technology. These projects include the developement and the exploitation of Networked Music Performance, Partial PlayBack, Functional Audio Streaming programming techniques. In addition, he performs as piano accompanist and maestro al cembalo in relation to these projects.