University of Athens

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens,

Department of Informatics & Telecommunications

& Athena Research & Innovation Center,

Athens, Greece



Maria Roussou is a tenured professor whose career-long explorations of Virtual Reality and Human-Computer Interaction fit squarely in the CAPHE research frame. Working at the nexus of education and culture, Dr. Roussou’s activities as both an educator and entrepreneur employ digital environments as vehicles for heritage preservation, production and exhibition of culture and artefacts, and the design and application of the methodologies and measures that gauge their effects. The team she leads from NKUA will build on her work with museums on two continents to build and popularize the new forms of institutional interface enabled by emerging technologies.


With a PhD in Informatics and a background in interactive digital storytelling, her research explores how technology enhances cultural experiences, preserves cultural heritage, and fosters cultural understanding. She has a keen interest in human and computer interaction and the impact of technology on human behaviour and cognition. Katifori’s work is located at the  intersection of storytelling, gaming and technology, where her understanding of user behaviour assists in designing interactive and engaging experiences. A particular area of focus is the development of mobile and VR experiences that facilitate cultural engagement through historical empathy.


A PhD candidate at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, his research in novel interaction mechanics focuses on the perceptual and cognitive effects of hybrid environments on the user. He holds a BSc and an MSc in Computer Science and serves as Technical Lead of the Narralive team of the Athena Research and Innovation Centre in Athens that is developing more effective ways of creating meaningful experiences for users. He also has designed and developed the team’s authoring and experiencing systems for digital interactive narratives in cultural heritage through web and VR applications.