Towards Feminist Design. Lecture and workshops at the Gender Equality Plan Day

Dominika Janicka, Barbara Nawrocka, and Dominika Wilczyńska from the Miastopracownia team gave a lecture and conducted a workshop at the Gender Equality Plan Day in La Spezia, Italy, for members and students of Caphe and Conservatorio Puccini. The lecture addressed how the issue of gender and care work is often overlooked in urban design and what good practices of feminist design entail. The architects also talked about their initiative for women in architecture and feminist design @bal_architektek. Following the lecture, a practical session took place, during which participants developed their design proposals to address gender equality needs. The task involved designing a piece of urban furniture to be located between the pillars of the porticoes, which are a very characteristic element of La Spezia’s architecture. Participants modeled their designs in Sketchup, acquiring new skills in using this 3D program. Their projects will then be transferred to VR to visualize them in context, in a specific location.

The information gathered during the workshops will be used by Miastopracownia to work on their work package concerning research on city planning in line with the concept of gender mainstreaming. Workshop participants have acquired basic knowledge of 3D modeling, which may serve them during the next Caphe tasks.

photo: Michela Lombardi