Krakow, Poland



Barbara Nawrocka is an architect whose work operates at the intersection of architecture, installation, and social action. She is a co-founder of the architectural office Miastopracownia that is located in Krakow, Poland,. Her work is deeply rooted in the social dimension of design. She actively engages in participatory processes that involve experts from humanities and social sciences in her projects. Miastopracownia has received numerous awards, including the main prize at the BIO 50 Design Biennial in Ljubljana. In 2021, Barbara, along with the firm’s co-founder, Dominika Wilczyńska, and CAPHE collaborator Dominika Janicka, formed Bal Architektek toaddresses topics of women in architecture and planning. The initiative earned  the main prize in the Design category of Noizz magazine’s “Changes of the Year” awards programme. Together with Wilczyńska, she curated the 10th edition of the Lower Silesian Festival of Architecture 2022 in Wrocław, Poland, that was dedicated to solidarity and care in design. Also in 2022, the Miastopracownia partners designed the Polish Pavilion at the 23rd Triennial of Decorative Arts and Contemporary Architecture in Milan, Italy.


An architect, designer, illustrator, and collage artist based in Krakow, Poland. She is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Alongside Barbara Nawrocka, she co-founded the architectural office Miastopracownia. Dominika’s work encompasses a wide range of projects, including exhibitions, meeting spaces, and cultural centers, with a particular focus on the social aspect of design. Dominika actively incorporates interdisciplinary expertise from the fields of humanities and social sciences into her design processes. She has been recognized for her work and achievements, including being awarded the main prize at the Biennale of Design in Ljubljana (BIO50) for the Nanotourism project in 2014. Dominika is passionate about promoting gender equality and empowering women in the architectural field. In 2021, she co-founded Bal Architektek, an initiative dedicated to addressing the role of women in architecture and planning. The initiative aims to foster knowledge exchange, advocate for the use of feminine forms in design, and highlight outstanding female architects. Together with Nawrocka, she curated the 10th edition of the Lower Silesian Festival of Architecture 2022 in Wrocław, Poland, that was dedicated to solidarity and care in design. Also in 2022, the Miastopracownia partners designed the Polish Pavilion at the 23rd Triennial of Decorative Arts and Contemporary Architecture in Milan, Italy.


An architect with a feminist approach, she cooperates with Mistopracownia while maintaining her own practice. Her work, including being a curator of the Polish Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale, has gained her international recognition. She is also a creative director of Institute of Design in Kielce, Poland. Her areas of focus in the CAPHE project includes algorithm-aided design and participatory practices.