Jagiellonian University

Project Lead

Institute of Philosophy, Krakow, Poland




A tenured professor in the Department of Aesthetics, Dr. Petri focuses his research on how urban structures affect the way we perceive the world. His research focus can be found at the intersection of science, activism and art, where an interest in first-perszanon perception is a lever for examining the environment’s effects on activities that are taken up by their inhabitants. For monograph on Urban Somatics published in 2020, Dr, Petri looked looked at the fluid activities of skateboarding, free-running and parkour through the lens modern urbanism to gauge the fluidity of reality. Dr. Petri leads a team of professors from UJ that are engaged in CAPHE research.


Sidey Myoo is the scientific pseudonym, which comes from the net name, which was adopted by prof. dr hab. Michał Ostrowicki in 2007, in virtual word Second Life. Sidey Myoo is a philosopher, he works in Department of Aesthetics of Institute of Philosophy of Jagiellonian University, and in the Department of Theory of Media Art of Faculty of Intermedia in Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. He interests in aesthetics, treated as a theory of art, mainly in relation to contemporary art, including new media art. Since 2003 he analyzes the philosophy of the web, and phenomena such as immersion, interactivity, telepresence, telemacity, hybridization, identity, artificial intelligence. In 2006 he used the notion of electronic realis (later virtual realis), which has become a basis for ontoelectronics, which is the ontology focused on the analysis of virtual reality treated as a sphere of being. It is assumed here that the virtual reality is a kind of alternate reality to which man increasingly moves its activity, gaining network identity. Sidey Myoo is the author of articles, monographs and edited works on philosophy and arts. He has participated in national and international scientific events. In 2007 he founded the Academia Electronica (www.academia-electronica.net) – non-institutionalized part of Jagiellonian University, acting on the model of university in the virtual world Second Life (from 2008), AltspaceVR (2021-22) and Spatial (from 2022), where are carried out official, academic courses and conference’s presentations.


Ewa Chudoba, PhD, is an administrator at the UJ Institute of Philosophy and and a CAPHE project manager. Her research background includes pragmatist aesthetics; feminism, including women’s history (herstory), and LGBTQ studies.  Published works comprise Literature and Homosexuality (2012, 2013), Naturalizing Aesthetics (as an editor, 2015), and Nowajka’s Daughters (with Anna Smywińska-Pohl, 2017), which focuses on female Polish philosophers at UJ from 1897–1967. She writes poetry and prose in her free time.