Writing? Why not!

The team from Miastopracownia (MP) consisting of three architects from Poland (Dominika Janicka, Barbara Nawrocka, and Dominika Wilczyńska) explores spatial relations among various excluded groups and works to promote feminist urbanism. They regularly publish articles for local professional architectural magazines. In between mobilities, they have dedicated several of them to the topics of their research as part of the CAPHE project. In the magazine ‘Architecture Murator’, they described the specifics of an informal settlement in Mukuru Lunga Lunga (Nairobi, Kenya). They edited one issue of ‘Architektura & Biznes’ magazine in which one of the texts written by Dominika Janicka was devoted to the artistic activities of the Wakujuu Arts group, their work for the local community, and the art festival and exhibition on digital technology DIGITAL INFORMALITIES initiated by MATZA Edgelands. The architects also run an initiative dedicated to women in architecture, so for the ‘Notes for 6 Weeks‘ magazine, in the article ‘(Female) Seekers of the Future’, they presented several important female figures in contemporary architecture, including one from Nairobi. 

All of the referenced articles or entire issues of the magazines are available online as web pages, free PDF downloads, or issue presentations.