Urban space through the eyes of teenagers. Design workshops using VR

Dominika Janicka, Barbara Nawrocka, and Dominika Wilczyńska (Miastopracownia team) conducted a workshop at the “We need books” – a multicultural community center in Kypseli, Athens. Workshop participants (mainly girls) are regulars here and are attached to the place. The workshop was aimed at basic training in 3D modeling and VR. However, the use of these tools was preceded by a discussion about the city and the condition of the public space in the immediate vicinity, mapping the problems and trying to create a spatial design for extending the function of the meeting place outside the building, to the street. The workshop participants’ proposals were modeled in 3D by themselves. At the end of the meeting, participants were able to see their projects in context and surroundings in 360 glasses. VR technology allowed them to verify and evaluate their ideas in space, easily compare their projects with each other, and provided a satisfying culmination of the design process.