PTE involves members of CAPHE in music workshops according to Pauline Oliveros

A group of Communities and Artistic Participation in Hybrid Environments (CAPHE) researchers participated in workshops dedicated to the perception of space through the appreciation of one’s own voice and sounds from the environment, following Pauline Oliverosdeep listening meditation exercises. The workshops were initiated and led by Proff. Małgorzata A. Szyszkowska from the Polskie Towarzystwo Estetyczne (Polish Society for Aesthetics) and gathered participants from the Jagiellonian University, Conservatorio Giacomo Puccini – La Spezia, and Miastopracownia, who were present in person during the ongoing mobility in Athens, initially at National Technical University of Athens‘s Kostis Palamas Building, and then at Studio Oran in Athens. The workshops will continue in a hybrid environment, and the team will study participants’ reflections in a study dedicated to the roles of sound and music in the hybrid environments, proposed by Alessandra Montali, Małgorzata Szyszkowska, and Bogna J. Gladden-Obidzińska.