Mythology Meets Digital Transition: Unexpected Mates for Contemporary Performance

Silvanus Jaguar @ Zeus Childhood cave is an artistic collaboration in the context of CAPHE (Communities and Artistic Participation in Hybrid Environment) carried out by Leticia Larín for the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon and Andrea Bareggi for Opera Network Firenze. The performance, comprehensive of dance, theatre, electro-acoustic music, and immersive videomapping, took place in the cave near Filoti, on the island of Naxos. According to Greek mythology, Zeus spent his childhood here. Silvanus Jaguar is a symbol of the wild and primal part that resides in every individual, highlighting the complexity of human nature and the struggle between instincts and rationality. The savage makes a cathartic journey through images and actions between the sacred and the profane, and the ritual concludes with a symbolic transition from darkness to light, recalling one of the most mysterious and significant myths of the classical world, the Platonic myth of the cave.