CAPHE project visits the Departments of Music Studies, Digital Arts & Cinema, and Communication & Media Studies of the NKUA and time-travels in the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center of the Foundation of the Hellenic World

Being true to the vision of CAPHE for interdisciplinarity, interaction, and sharing knowledge, NKUA Associate Professor Maria Roussou and her team organised internal and external visits for the participants:

  • Prof. Anastasia Georgaki, head of the Department of Music Studies, welcomed CAPHE members to the Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Recording. The department has a strong research profile in all scientific disciplines pertinent to music and musicology, and CAPHE members had the opportunity to interact with faculty and PhD students.

Furthermore, two memorable performances by partners Opera Network and Conservatorio Giacomo Puccini – La Spezia “VR 8 Homer, Dante & Bob Dylan” and “VR ART & MUSIC CASE STUDY PERFORMANCE VR 10 Maria Callas: the immortal heroine” by Carla Zanin, Conductor: Federico Bardazzi, with the collaboration of Polski Uniwersytet na Obczyźnie – PUNO, were hosted in the main “AULA” lecture hall of the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens.

  • CAPHE partners visited the Department of Digital Arts and Cinema and the Department of Communication and Media Studies of the NKUA, both represented by Prof. Dimitris Charitos. Faculty members from both departments presented and discussed their work with all participants. The presentations encompassed various research strands within Virtual Reality (VR) and highlighted the work of the Spatial Media Research Group, showcasing recent VR artworks and their Cinematic VR project. Additionally, the agenda featured undergraduate projects from the Department of Digital Arts and Cinema at NKUA and case studies derived from the postgraduate course focused on Virtual Environment Design within the NKUA Department of Communication and Media Studies.
  • A private tour at the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center of the Foundation of the Hellenic World offered a time-travel experience. The CAPHE consortium was transported to the past in the Tholos, a 140-seat dome theatre, for an interactive extended reality tour of ancient Delphi, a UNESCO World Heritage site. XR engineers and museum educators of the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center guided participants into the richness of ancient Greek culture and archaeology through a multitude of additional cutting-edge XR exhibits and experiences.